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Magical Moments: Local Authors’ Book Signing for Children

After a successful year with the Flying Seagulls Project and the generous funding from the Asda Foundation, we wanted to treat our families to a magical moment before the Christmas break. After the recent launch of our community honesty library, what better way than with to nestle between the pages of imagination and the joy of storytelling followed by a book signing by two local authors.

Our cosy Randells Lounge, the studio our families have come to know well, provided the perfect atmosphere for the occasion. 

The stars of the show were local authors Irina Goncherenko & Liliana Hristova from Books By MILE, both Dagenham residents. Inspired by their passion for writing and storytelling with their own children they create fun and entertaining stories to encourage other children and families to develop their skills and discover their talents. Both Irina and Liliana beamed with enthusiasm, their passion for storytelling was palpable. With a warm smile, they shared the adventures of Arty, bringing all the characters to life, and captivating the children's young minds.

A dedicated creative corner allowed little ones to unleash their creativity. Armed with crayons and markers, children were able to immerse themselves in bringing the characters from the story to life. Sharing a passion for interactive storytelling, the chosen book 'Arty's Eastbrookend Adventures' was the perfect fit.

Of course, the highlight of the event was the book signing itself. Children eagerly approached the authors for their gifted copy, eyes wide with excitement. We hope that each signed book becomes a cherished treasure, a tangible connection between the authors and the young readers.

The session was a celebration of imagination, creativity, the joy of reading and the magic of storytelling and play bringing families together to create a lasting impact on the community.

A massive thank you to Irina & Liliana and a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all our families. Stay and Play Thursday will return January 11th 2024.

Shadene Plamer - Community Engagement Officer | Social Media Strategist, Boathouse Barking CIC.

Books By MILE - Children's Books by Irina Goncherenko & Liliana Hristova

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